CCYP: Cape Cod Young Professionals

Shaping the future of Cape Cod

CCYP connects Cape Cod’s emerging workforce and community leaders, engages them in the community, and supports their efforts to advance, personally and professionally.

The 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, developed under the leadership of CCYP’s Board of Directors and CEO, includes five (5) major strategic priorities:

  • Promote Cape Cod as a vibrant place for young people to live and work, year-round.
  • Advocate for policies and resources that positively impact young Cape Codders’ quality of life.
  • Provide opportunities for leadership and career development among Cape Cod’s 45-and-under population.
  • Provide high quality, mission-driven programs.
  • Sustain CCYP’s growth and plan for the future by nurturing donor and member relationships; investing in volunteer and staff development; and upholding exemplary internal management practices.
Ccyp Strategic Plan 2018 2020 Graphic